And there shall be a tabernacle for a shadow in the daytime from the heat, and for a place of refuge, and for a covert from storm and from rain. (Isa 4:6)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WooHoo B'racha is Home!

Well I just went tonight and picked up our rig from the shop with all new rims and tires. We are smooth rolling now. My brother also checked the brakes and they were over 70% all around. He made a cut out in the steps so that they will go up and down with the bike rack on...our door is in the back, (not something that I think to repeat in another rig)....but the plus is the view out the back window is sometimes gorgeous!
He was able to oil the gear shift on the steering column and amazing how smooth she glides now, no longer will I break my shoulder putting her in park and hey she is going into park no problem now. He also greased the electric lifts (yes I have electric lifts on a 20 ft rig, great for single moms!). He also added electrolytes to the house battery, which I will have to use a turkey baster and foldable step to do in the future as it is really to heavy to lug in and out. There was a belt that was squealing like a banshee and he finally got that tightened. There are still a few little things to do like 1 running light needs repair, my porch light works but has a short. I need to buy an electric heater, a bike inner tube and we both need a bit of winter clothes,as do the dogs;-). I need to climb up on the roof and pull out some of my winter warmies and put away some thin summer skirts. I am also excited to take out the menorah for Hanukkah, which is just around the corner, Baruch Hashem!  I also need to find a plug for the potable water as it is open to air right now and sloshing, not sure what happened to the little plug I had in it. There is the hole under the sink that I need to cover now that it is plumbed correctly. The propane tank needs filling and water topped off. So now the job is to give her a good clean as she has gotten dirty from all the work and pack up all our belongings for the road. We have decided to stay here for Thanksgiving and head out come December payday. Hopefully we can afford to take her over to the river and stay there some as well ,as sleeping in her in the yard here makes for noisy, noisy and then some noisy neighborhood dogs, and I am anxious to be out under Hashem's beautiful covering. Though we are very blessed indeed by the covering my bro has provided for us during these last 6 months. We are so excited to go visit my daughter and get out on the road!
שלום ואהבה ישוע
Peace, Love, and Yeshua

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