And there shall be a tabernacle for a shadow in the daytime from the heat, and for a place of refuge, and for a covert from storm and from rain. (Isa 4:6)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

no Poopooing about it....

Last month we thought we were all ready to head out and go visit my daughter. We did not even get more than 30 minutes out before we experienced a blowout. The tire tread proceeded to fly back and destroy our waste tanks spewing well ...ya know ..waste all over the highway...not much as they were empty for the most part...but oh the smell!

pic of my holy grey water tank...

 Luckily it was one of the dually tires and so we turned B'racha around and drove back keeping it under 30 mph...people just honked and waved and said oh you are such wonderful actually people weren't too bad...had my flashers on. Luckily we are all safe but the animals were a bit stressed over the noise...especially the middy kitty...

Midnight and I resting after a long stressful day..(not the actual poooo day)


So upon closer observation all six tires will need to be replaced....motor homes are deceiving...they had great tread but were rotten from age. Upon searching for new tires we found that they are no longer making 16.5 tires and thus I decided the best option would be to replace all the rims with 16's as well or have issues in the future, if I could even find 6 tires all the same size. So far I purchased 2 front tires and rims for a very pretty penny of $500. After replacing those I found 6 used rims  for $120..hindsight doesn't help at this point but lessons learned ...check craigslist first. So soon my brother will take the rims to work take the old tires off and paint the rims silver...and as soon as I can I will purchase the other 4 tires.
Pile of my new rims with remnants of someones old tires that need to be removed...waiting to go get new tires put on

 Bummer that my nice shiny deco hubcaps will not fit these rims.
As far as the tanks go well at first I was very concerned but when I went to the RV repair place they told me my insurance should cover them. So upon calling insurance I had a check in hand in less than a week. It was actually very hard to find replacement tanks for a rig that is 34 years young but the repair place found them, they are ordered and we should get a call any day to take B'racha in to get them installed. The estimate by the insurance co. was a bit lacking so the repair place will have to request a supplement check ..but the appraiser told me that will be no problem. This so far is an $1800 job for the tanks so Baruch Hashem for insurance! I had to pay my $500 deductible. Without insurance it would have been one tank at a time and self installation, which was doable but would have taken many more moons and was getting me very stressed out, not to mention my body doth protest. When the waste tanks were destroyed a hose under the rig from the kitchen sink came off as well. This hose actually never should have been there as someone plumbed it wrong into the black water tank. So I will have the RV repair shop fix the actual plumbing under the sink so that it drains properly into the grey water instead of putting this drain hose back on into the black water.

This is under the sink where it was originally hooked up...this will be redone...

So all this fun stuff is slowly getting done. the best thing about all this is that there was no need to ever stress and Hashem is a great provider and He makes sure we have all we need!
Forgive the pun but no poopooing about it necessary!
I will continue to post the work that we have done and will do in the future.
 It will not necessarily be in order due to past repairs but I pray you will enjoy the journey anyhoo.
Blessings in Messiah

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