And there shall be a tabernacle for a shadow in the daytime from the heat, and for a place of refuge, and for a covert from storm and from rain. (Isa 4:6)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Becoming Nomads

This is the B'racha (Blessing) Hashem has provided

 Of course this is our home, so a home needs a Mezuzah, now it is a Blessed place of Torah
We recently purchased a used class C 20 ft Rv and are preparing for my son and I along with our 2 small dogs and 1 cat to move in and travel fulltime.
We are currently staying with family while preparing the RV but have been blessed to do some excursions with and without the RV. Why would you ever want to do may be asking...Well I believe Hashem has called us to this path, to follow and trust completely in Him for our day to day provision. and oh how He has provided the opportunity so far. My income is very small and thus we have to do this as a process. The first process was sorting all our goods into categories of ; trash, give away, sell, and keep...of course the keep pile was the smallest. this was the hardest move ever but we were oh so blessed by many wonderful homeschool families that assisted. At the time we had to fit all our belongings plus my son and myself and 3 animals into a mini truck to drive to my families house. Next the plan was to buy some form of tent, tent trailer, or Rv. Rv was the final decision and thus here we are still working on heading back out. We have hit many rocks, boulders and pebbles in the road, we have worked hard and rested well and been very blessed by Hashem's provison. We have been staying with family going on 6 months now and will need to stay a bit longer. It does seem that it is getting closer to time to hit the road and we are anxious to be on our way and go visit my daughter. this is our Journey...on Yeshua's Path, His Way...walking in His Torah, under His covering. The glory of His creation above us, the stars shining bright as if lookng through a sukkah roof, His natural awesome covering, Nomads Under His Tent, guided by Him.


  1. Happy travels, you will be on the road soon and many blessings await you!

  2. Those in our study group feel that we have the same calling, to get an RV and be mobile. Some of us are actually being shoved in this direction. I wonder what Hashem is doing?

  3. We have a similar story to yours. We kept reading in Jeremiah 35 about the Rechabites who were commanded to live in tents all their days so that they could live long in the land where they were strangers, and we felt impressed that that is what we were meant to do. It has taken a little pushing to get us to do it, but now we have a fifth wheel RV and are getting it ready to go. I have a blog where you can read more if you'd like.