And there shall be a tabernacle for a shadow in the daytime from the heat, and for a place of refuge, and for a covert from storm and from rain. (Isa 4:6)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Screen TV

Our First TV for the RV

This lil baby was on sale for $69 at Target. It is a DVD/TV with an 8 inch screen. My son is hopin to be able to hook his wi to it as well. if he does when we have better internet we may be able to use netflix on the road some. We really don't miss TV much as we didn't watch it much but it is nice to just gel and watch a movie that is honoring to Hashem or a teaching of some sort. This will also give us another option to play our music cd's and will do picture cd's as well. It also leaves the door open for educational videos for both of us students :)...and it is the perfect size for our lil mini house! 

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