And there shall be a tabernacle for a shadow in the daytime from the heat, and for a place of refuge, and for a covert from storm and from rain. (Isa 4:6)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Preparing and Praying

We have been so blessed to be in California for these last 3 months. To visit with my princess, meet her bo, explore Joshua Tree, spend time with friends, fellowship, laugh, play, juice,eat. Yet I am feeling it is time to move on.

My hearts desire is to head to Missouri to spend several months with dear friends. We had intended to go slow about it but I am feeling it is time to head there at a fairly rapid pace...for me that would be no less than a week as I drive only 4 hours a day. Upon looking info. up and seeing that gas prices are going up, this will be an expensive journey. If we are blessed to get 10 mph we will be at $500-600 in gas to get there. Yet if Hashem truly desires us there at this time, He will absolutely provide. We will be going up to the high desert again after our final farmers market, park day, fellowship evening on Wednesday, spending a few days near my princess and perhaps hitting JT NP one last time. Then, Hashem willing if the rig seems fine, we will head back to Arizona. We may do some tuning up or any other work on B'racha while there, and pick up my mail while visiting my bro and nephew. another option if weather does not permit heading to Missouri is to go spend some time with my mommiein another part of Arizona. We may need to come back to Cali as soon as June or July so that does not give us long and thus I would really like to get to Missouri. All this said, we would so appreciate your prayers for our health, and the health of B'racha as well as the finances to get wherever Hashem leads. I truly only what to travel down the road He provides and not step one mistep off His path. On that note I will share our theme song with ya'all, it's a bit of country Messianic ;) an album from 1998:

Lyrics and music by Paul Clark
The Last Frontier Barry and Batya Segal
Out on the range things got strange from travelin on my own
My weary soul was hungry and cold, from tryin to find a new home
Then one night underneath the star light A stranger stopped by my fire
He meant no harm when he lifted his arms and raised his voice to the sky
And he said, thank you Abba for Yeshua your Son,
and the Spirit who led me here
I will follow You where You want me to go
On my ride to the last frontier

I woke at dawn but the stranger had gone, his tracks still fresh in the sand
I drank a cup and saddled it up, to try and follow this man
the desert sun made it hard to go on, my tongue was turnin to clay
The nearest cloud was the sweat off my brow, so then I prayed what he prayed

And I said, thank you Abba for Yeshua your Son,
and the Spirit who led me here
I will follow You where You want me to go
On my ride to the last frontier

Just then I saw the city afar, and heard a noise in the air
It looked like home, I'm no longer alone
The Lord had answered my prayer

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